Sunday, September 10, 2006

On line with Google

Google office online, currently calendar, gadgets, blogger, is great idea. you don't need to be in one place or with one nbook for writing diary or setting/checking appointment. Calendar and blog are accessible at work place and at home, with thinkpad and mac. in the calendar it would be nice to have work week numbers. keeping several calendars as several different rows in one is good. of course apple ical is better, better looking and better organized (and even synced), but google gives real online system. i think how it would be nice if my daughter (or other dear colleague) shared calendar with me to plan co-working. Adding blog via email, meaning even from your cell, seems to be also great.
Another point amazing me is the desktop with Google with gadgets (mac is beautiful in this) and rss. a lot of things are reduced into a couple of messages, exactly what busy person needs. interesting how many things are concentrating around just searching. did you try searching "sense of life" (смысл жизни), what does google say?

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