Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"They can all thank Alan Turing"

Переход на новые технологии, в данном случае “облачные вычисления” зависит от компетентности и заинтересованности (интересов) начальников больших и малых. И наоборот, деятельное отношение к новым технологиям характеризует уровень мышления этих чиновников - земной или заоблачный. Почему, скажем, Озон затягивает внедрение технологий, которые давно используются Амазоном. Или, можно было бы пожелать, чтобы Лужкова сняли не за универсальное “утрату доверия”, а вполне за конкретные дела, например, за попытки разогнать тучи над Москвой.
Что ждет ИТ в течение следующих 10 лет и почему пишет N.Carr в “IT in 2018: From Turing’s Machine to the Computing Cloud”. 
  • Mott and his team are in the process of closing down the 85 data centers that HP has been operating around the world to run its internal systems. They’re being replaced by just sixgiant server farms in the southern United States – four in Texas and two in Georgia. Combined with an effort to rationalize the company’s application portfolio, the data center consolidation is expected to reduce HP’s total IT workforce from 19,000 to 8,000 and trim its IT costs as a percentage of revenues from 4 percent to 2 percent.
  • HP is not the only IT company in the midst of remodeling the way it deploys IT. Over the last decade, IBM has replaced 155 of its traditional data centers with just seven modernized facilities. Last summer, Big Blue announced it would go even further, replacing nearly 4,000 of its servers with just 30 Linux-based mainframes. In the process, the company says, it will slash its application licensing costs and save enough electricity “to power a small town.”
  • Already today, according to one analyst, Google’s parallel-processing grid can carry out a computing job for one-tenth the cost of the systems in a big corporate data center. As the capacity and power of the grid grow, as it becomes the greatest manifestation of Turing’s universal computing machine, more functions will flow onto it.
  • Eric Schmidt once said, “When the network becomes as fast as the processor, the computer hollows out and spreads across the network.”
  • Goodbye “World Wide Web.” Hello “World Wide Computer.
  • As more and more hardware and software have shifted out of companies and into the cloud, the IT department has gone through a fundamental transformation (and has likely taken on a new name).
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