Sunday, October 08, 2006

Second moving to OneNote

Started using OneNote 2007. Used 2003 in the past but moved to MS Word later to get all in one doc, on one page. Advantages in version 2007 and the problems in Word have returned me to OneNote again. There are several advantages over MS Word: spell-check is turned off in large doc files; embedded into doc calendar object changes its size without any control; no flags in word, a pen is so easy used in OneNote; it is well structured; you have several documents well organized instead of several doc files; you can move phrase to any place on the page; you can protect you page. Other cool features in OneNote - text recognition in the copied&pasted pictures, and calculations done right in your text. I think you know. What is slightly disappointing nobody cares about the work week numbers in calendar, neither Google nor OneNote.

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